19 Faces NOT To Make When You Hear She’s Pregnant

You might enjoy playing ball with your little cousins, but you can return those kids when playtime’s over. They’re not your responsibility when they’re hungry or need their butt wiped. However, one broken condom, missed pill or drunken mistake can suddenly make a child your responsibility for 18 years. No matter how careful you are, pregnancy scares happen to the best of us.

When she tells you, “I’m late,” “I think I’m pregnant,” “You’re my baby daddy,” or any combination of the three, you need to remember to play it cool. To help you out, the “Guy Code” experts discuss everything you need to know about pregnancy scares tomorrow at 11/10c on MTV2. In the meantime, avoid facial expressions like the below 19 GIFs and you should be OK.

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Fallon Prinzivalli (@iamqueenfal) is the mother of GIFs.