Watch Melanie Iglesias Hula Hoop In A Bikini [Video]

News from the Melanie Iglesias front! Chances are you’re already blindingly jealous of our man Vinny due to his rumored relationship with the lovely “Guy Code” lady. Well, Melanie’s latest video definitely won’t do anything to calm the storm. We thought it would be tough for her to top the cheeseburger challenge video, but it turns out it was pretty easy: all she needed to do was record herself hula hooping. Oh, the bikini and the slow motion also help the cause. By uploading this video, she has done humanity a grand service. I think we all can agree the world needs more people like Melanie.

To reiterate: Melanie Iglesias hula hooping in a bikini. In slow motion. WHY ARE YOU STILL READING? Hit play, watch, repeat.


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