‘Guy Code’ Sneak Peek: Handling A Pregnancy Scare

If you hear the phrase “there’s a bun in the oven” and you immediately get excited that someone’s making Pillsbury cinnamon rolls, you’re not be ready to be a father. Hopefully, the first time a girl tells you she’s pregnant, you’ll be out of school, have a paying job and can correctly remember her name. But we all know it’s not a perfect world; mistakes happen and condoms break, so just in case your girlfriend has a pregnancy scare, our “Guy Code” experts are here to help you deal with it. In this sneak peek from next week’s episode, premiering Tuesday at 11/10c on MTV2, the cast shares their tips on how to make sure you’re on the same page with your girl’s plans and how to react to her news (or how not to). Plus, hear what bizarre thoughts Jon and Lil Duval would have if they heard they would be a daddy (hint: make sure your girlfriend has a hot mom).

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