Interview: Talking ‘FIFA 13′ With Gareth Bale

Credit:EA Sports

What’s better than geeking out over EA Sports’ new “FIFA 13?” Doing it with members of the European Premiere League’s Tottenham Hotspurs, including their star winger Gareth Bale. The game manufacturer set up an event this week with the players to preview the game’s newest features and get their heads scanned using new technology that incorporates 18 high-end cameras and 3D digital imaging. It’s a system that makes the game’s realism incredible.

We were able to grab Gareth for a few minutes to speak about the video game, the growing popularity of European football in the states and what he takes on the road to feel at home.

What do you think of your character in the latest version of the game?
Funny enough, I actually haven’t played my newest character as of yet, but I am going to tonight. EA Sports keeps finding something new and better to add to the game and keep making it that much more realistic.
Have you ever played “FIFA” as another player to see how they might be on the field?
No nothing like that. When I play it’s usually with my friends or the boys from here and we just play for fun.

What do you think of the new imaging technology that EA is putting into the new game?
I think it will add some value and really makes it so much more lifelike inside the game. The game just keeps getting that much better over time.

What other types of video games do you like to play?
I like to play NBA titles. Also some “Tiger Woods.” I usually travel with my PlayStation with me and play when I can get the time.

What items do you always pack when you travel?
Hair gel, of course, and my laptop.

What is the one gadget you can’t live without?
My mobile phone. I can’t live without that these days.

What is the strangest item given to you by a fan?
I had a scarf given to me the other day by a fan. It was like 106 degrees out, but it was nice of them anyway.

Any fan behavior that really surprised you recently?
When they shout the abuse. It’s obviously not a nice thing, but it comes with the game. You just have to take it or you will struggle out there. We also get some great fans as well and that balances out the shouts of abuse.

Credit:EA Sports

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