Vinny Guadagnino And Melanie Iglesias: First ‘Guy Code’ Couple?

Melanie Iglesias and Vinny Guadagnino are all smiles upon meeting during the first season of “Guy Code.”

Guy Code” might be most familiar with the culture of one-night stands, but it looks like it could moonlight as a matchmaking service as well. Vinny Guadagnino of the show’s first season (and “Jersey Shore,” of course) and Season 2 mainstay (and literally perfect model) Melanie Iglesias may be an item, if our powers of observation haven’t failed us. If the two wind up going the distance, they’ll have MTV2 to thank!

Vin recently tweeted a shot of his possible other-half enjoying fine dining in the form of some double cheeseburgers and fries. “Wining and dining @MelanieIglesias,” he wrote, to which she replied “A man who feeds me McDonald’s… #keeper.” We can certainly attest–no amount of malbec can touch the delicacy of the McNugget.

Check out some photos of the pair below.

Vinny and Melanie at the “Hip Hop Squares” premiere party in May.

Vinny treating his potential new girlfriend to some fine dining.

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Photos courtesy of @VinnyGuadagnino and @MTV2