Jaime Pressly Talks Sexting, Drinking And Bros Before Hoes

Credit: Andreas Hale

If you attended San Diego Comic-Con, you may have spotted the ultra hot Jaime Pressly milling about the convention center. No, the “My Name Is Earl” actress wasn’t dressed up like Wonder Woman (although we wouldn’t mind a two-time Playboy model prancing around in her underwear). Pressly was working with Butterfinger on their The Last Spokesman On Earth campaign as she sought out unique people to do for Butterfinger what Bart Simpson did for the candy bar in the ’90s.

Aside from her participation in the contest, Ms. Pressly is also hard at work executive producing the upcoming film “Abby in the Summer” which will star Pressly alongside Robin Thicke (yeah, that Robin Thicke) and working on a “blue collar comedy” for TV. Amidst all the television, movie and Butterfinger talk, we got the former “Mortal Kombat: Conquest” star to give us her take on pre-gaming, sexting, bros before hoes and more.

Do you partake in the lovely sport pre-gaming?
I don’t even know what pre-gaming is!

It’s drinking before drinking.
Wait, so like getting drunk before you go out to get drunk?

Yeah! Awesome, right?
I have a five-year-old so all of the gaming is on the TV at my house. There’s really no pre-game for me. I’m a big fight fan so I go to as many UFC fights as possible. I don’t have a drink until after the fights.

Why not?
In your 20s you can drink all day. But when you’re 35 with a five-year-old, the last thing I’m trying to do is get wasted before I go out and then get wasted some more.

What are your rules on sexting?
It’s up to the individual. I don’t judge. Just don’t do it while driving. No sexting and driving!

What’s the girl code on dealing with a break up?
They say women are emotional but the truth is that men are way more emotional. Especially when it comes to relationships. When guys leave the women they try to screw everything in sight to make themselves feel like a man. But later, when he’s alone, he’s missing that girl and wondering what she’s doing. Meanwhile she’s happy being alone or moved on to another good relationship. That drives men crazy because instead of chilling out and moving on, they did a bunch of stupid stuff that made them look even more like a douchebag to the person they broke up with and now there is absolutely nothing there to salvage.

What’s your response to, “Bros before Hoes”?
If a guy thinks that and he’s in a serious relationship, I’d like to hear him say that in front of his girl or wife because you’re going to see somebody walking out the door real quick. When you’re with the boys, you can talk all you want. But when you get home to your girl behind closed doors you act like children. They can’t clean or wash clothes. They don’t want the girl to leave because who’s going to cook for them? Who’s going to scratch their back and rock them to sleep when they are sick. Men act like three-year-olds. My five-year-old acts better than most men when he’s sick and that’s the truth.

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