Breaking Babes: Women Of The Bikini Hockey League

All photos credit: The Daily

Looks like our beloved Lingerie Football League has some competition: the Bikini Hockey League. OK, so it doesn’t officially exist yet, BUT they are soliciting photos and applications from babes such as Erin Honto, see the brunette immediately below. Honto is a model/actress who was invited to a junior Olympic hockey camp about a decade ago, so that’s…totally credible and we can’t wait to watch the quality gameplay!

Lest you were worried that these girls would be just so COLD in their tiny little bikinis on the ice, well, it’s a street hockey league. So they’ll be rocking the ‘blades on the pavement, and wearing elbow pads, helmets and all the gear similar to that of the LFL.

We have no idea when we’ll actually get to see some Bikini Hockey action, but to hold you over, here’s your scouting report on some of the prospects:

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