Sports Code: Yoga Is Done Best With A Buddy

Photos: Mike Coppola/Gett Images

Guy Code” explores the previously unspoken rules that exist between bros. We’ve decided to analyze another set of laws here: the Sports Code. It’s a term that we invented but it refers to the idea that you don’t take in-house matters to the media, or throw a teammate under the bus. That sort of thing.

The NFL’s reigning AP Defensive Rookie of the Year, Broncos linebacker Von Miller, is eager to improve on last year’s 12-sack effort, and he’s taking tips from Giants freak-of-nature defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul who netted 16.5 sacks last year. JPP’s surprising advice to Miller was to take up yoga, so the two paired up for some peacefulness and stretching on yoga mats somewhere in Miami.

Miller told of his offseason training,”I did a lot of yoga-type stuff. I was down in Miami with Jason Pierre-Paul. That was the advice he gave me. He said it was a long season. I really didn’t do a lot of weight training. I just did yoga with him and hopefully I can have the type of season that he had last year.”

JPP is positioned above in what looks like a bit like Warrior Two pose, or a kneeling “first down” signal. Who would have guessed the key to destroying quarterbacks was using meditation to attain spiritual insight and tranquility.

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Brett Smiley (@brettsmiley) is a Giants fan who wears an old Jeremy Shockey #80 jersey with duct tape over the name and Cruz written over it.