Video: Guy Code Mixes It Up With U.S. Olympic Athletes

Before heading over to London, a number of U.S. Olympic athletes descended on Times Square to meet fans and shamelessly promote their sports. Since they were right outside our offices, we couldn’t pass up meeting a few of them and asking them inane questions. Luckily our buddy Tyler from MTV’s “The Challenge” is an Olympics super-fan and was available to head out with a camera crew. In true Guy Code fashion, he convinces the women’s beach volleyball team to shake their asses for the camera, asks the men’s beach volleyball players how tough it is for them to get laid and even talks to a real beefeater. We still don’t really understand what a beefeater is, but we imagine you’ll be seeing a lot more of them in Olympics coverage.

To see all the interviews, check out the video below, and get psyched because USA’s total world domination starts next week.

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