Dolph Ziggler Discusses 1000th ‘RAW,’ Farting And Being The Best Ever

Photo Courtesy Of WWE

Once upon a time, Dolph Ziggler was known as Nicky in an all-male cheerleader faction called The Spirit Squad. It wasn’t the coolest wrestling gimmick, but Ziggler found a way to stand out while duking it out with WWE legends Triple H and Shawn Michaels. Three years later, Nicky became Dolph Ziggler and began to slowly emerge as a top heel with his brash persona and his remarkable ability to look good in the ring while making whomever he’s wrestling look better. With WWE “RAW”‘s 1000th episode airing tonight and Ziggler perhaps at the top of his game, we sat down with the self-proclaimed show-off to talk about his feud with Chris Jericho, what he and Sterling Archer have in common and his code on farting.

Now that you are Mr. Money In The Bank, history states that winning the title is inevitable. How do you plan on becoming one of the greatest champions in WWE history?
I’m going to find a way to make this one of the most monumental moments in WWE history. Once I become champion then I want to become the best champion ever. Then I want to become the best superstar the WWE has ever seen.

Chris Jericho would disagree since he believes he’s the best ever. How do you feel about starting a feud with a future Hall Of Famer?
I do what I do better than everyone else. Now I’m finally getting shown some respect and given the opportunity to do it on a bigger stage. The fact that Chris Jericho is involved is a dream come true. I grew up as a huge fan of his. In WCW, he was pushed around. He tried to stand out and do his own thing but he wasn’t always able to. I’ve taken that upon myself to find a way to stand out and steal the show. I hope he has something up his sleeve on Monday night or I’ll shut him up again.

Heading into the 1,000th episode of “RAW,” what are your favorite feuds?
I always enjoyed when D-Generation X broke up and Shawn Michaels and Triple H fought each other.

What makes a good heel a great heel?
It’s easy for me because this is how I act at home. I’ve been a show-off since I was five years old and I embrace it. I don’t shut out people cheering me, but I really don’t need it because I know I’m good. What makes a good heel great is, honestly, just being yourself. The fans can see through you if you’re fake or pretending to be a bad guy.

On your Twitter you claim to be the inspiration for “Archer.”
We have such similar personalities that it blows my mind! There’s been so many situations that I had the same answer that he’s had and it scares me. Not to mention the fact we’re both handsome guys who have interesting jobs and we go out there looking for chicks and get them just because we can.

Last question, what is your Guy Code on when it’s cool to fart in front of a girl?
The quicker it’s all out in the open, the quicker you can be yourself and go on having a great relationship. Now, if you’re on your first date and try to make a great first impression you probably aren’t really being yourself. Me? I take pride in being myself. So if something like farting happens I think it’s more funny than anything. It’s not gross. It happens to everyone so why try and hide it?

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