Back To Cool Guide: 9 Products You Need For School

Credit: Tony Anderson via Getty Images

We hate to ruin your pool party, but it’s the dog days of summer and that means it’s time to start preparations for your Back to School image revival. Sure, last year your attempts at becoming a new person may not have been wildly successful. That cream-colored, knockoff Gucci suit didn’t make you look like Bieber. Those over-sized sunglasses looked your grandma’s more than Kanye‘s. And those skinny jeans showed off your butt-crack with every long stride you took. Unfortunately, your style choices landed you below even “The Inbetweeners” on the social ladder.

Lucky for you, each new school year provides an opportunity to remake your image and we’re here to help you out. Rather than go “Lil Wayne” with your fashion, let’s bring things Back to Cool with these eight products.

1. UA Spine RPM Running Shoes

The new UA Spine RPM running shoes from Under Armour are the perfect place to start. They’re lightweight, flexible and prove your feet can look damn good while still being comfortable. Whether you’re an athlete or not, these shoes will inspire you to work out and get in shape after all the summer barbequing. The Micro G® foam encapsulated within the chassis delivers solid rebound and makes running feel easy. Plus, they’re unique without being over-the-top.

2. Under Armour HeatGear® Stretch Woven Shortsleeve

Since you’ll be getting in shape with the new UA Spine running shoes, you should also look fit while you’re doing it. This stretch woven shirt from Under Armour is not only the perfect look for the gym, track or field, it improves mobility, wicks sweat away from the body, enhances range of motion and prevents chafing.

3. Water Powered Alarm Clock

This clock runs on water, or even apple juice or grape soda, so you’ll never be late to class because of a power outage. Plus, it gives you a perfect line to get green-friendly girls back to your bedroom: “Want to see how earth-friendly I am with my H2O clock?”

4. Skullcandy Uprock Headphones

Big headphones are all the rage, but many of the styles scream, “Look at me!” rather than saying, “This guy likes high quality audio.” Skullcandy Uprock headphones not only sound great and fit comfortably, but they’re cool in a more subtle way. They also do a great job of drowning out gaggles of gossiping girls in the library when you’re trying to study.

5. Bottle Opener Flip Flops

These leather flip flops from American Eagle are perfect for kicking it at home or with friends. They even have a built-in bottle opener for you Boy Scouts who always like to be prepared.

6. Trapper Keeper Binder

For anyone too young to have missed the Trapper Keeper trend, or anyone who wants an excuse to relive their childhood, Mead has brought back the classic binder. They’ve even improved upon the original, giving it more room to organize all of those phone numbers that girls will be slipping you.

7. Dot Dash Lads Gold Sunglasses

You’re not a rapper or a Kardashian, so avoid the sunglasses that make you look like a circus clown. Grab yourself some polished, yet affordable, sunglasses like these and savor the last days of summer sunlight before the cold hits.

8. Timex Striped Band Weekender Watch

Most of our favorite hip-hop videos feature huge gold watches with diamonds, but since you’re a student, we imagine you’re on a budget. This Timex is simple, classic, stylish and the next-best-thing to a blinged-out Rolex.

9. Hurley Sync Laptop Backpack

Finally, you need to think about your gear for studying. This Hurley backpack has a padded laptop sleeve inside, so if one of your idiot friends decides to tackle you in the hallway,  your MacBook may just stand a chance.