Guy Code’s New Tumblr Plus 15 Essential Tumblrs

mtv2:</p> <p>‘Guy Code’ on MTV2 straight ballin’<br />

Season 2 of “Guy Code” premiered this week, and as expected, it was funny and enlightening. Watch the full episode here if you missed it. But did you know there’s a shiny new Guy Code Tumblr as well? BIG THINGS are happening in the “Guy Code” world.

We pride ourselves on our ability to direct you to top-notch Tumblrs, like GIFolas Cage and Nicolas Cage Cats and various others that don’t involve Nic Cage, so you know we wouldn’t steer you wrong. Naturally, we have to point you to our Tumblr. It’s got boobs. It’s got dick jokes. It’s got everything you love about our blog, but in highly digestible, ADD-friendly mini-packets.

We’re not here just to shamelessly self-promote. We want to share with you the 15 Tumblrs we can’t live without right now.

1. Rappers Looking Like Magicians

It happens more often than you think.

2. Lisa Ramos

Even if Lisa wasn’t a “Guy Code” cast-member, we’d be keeping ABREAST of her latest posts.

3. Got Em Coach

One-stop NBA meme shop: GIFs, image macros, old photos and did we mention GIFs?

4. Responding To Headlines

Snarking the s*** out of inane headline questions.

5. I Am Gabrus

collegehumor: Frog Riding Stuffed Squirrel “To the strange bearded guy who most definitely owns us’ collection of dried meats.” This is what pretty much all of my dreams are like

Home of our show’s hilarious truth-teller Jon Gabrus.

6. f***yeah1990s

Photos and GIFs that will make you realize life is but a speeding train on a crash course with time. And also that Alicia Silverstone used to be righteously hot.

7. Game Freaks

So that we don’t sound like total n00bs when we run into the MTV Geek guys in the break room.



Ridiculously prolific GIF dump proving there’s a GIF for every occasion.

9.Get Banged On

Credit: Tom Pennington/Getty Images

It’s not what it sounds like. It’s celebrating the art of dudes getting dunked on.

10. Say Levy

Get intimate with the lovely Levy Tran of “Guy Code.”

11. Train Hard Fight Easy

All MMA, all the time.

12. White Whine

A compendium of first world problems.

13. Damien Lemon

Stay in the loop with one of our favorite comedians and “Guy Code” commentators, Damien Lemon.

14. Dumb Rock Pix

Credit: Dumb Rock Pix

Ridiculous photos of rockers doing various “out of character” things. Like Metallica riding McDonald’s PlayPlace rides.

15. Maddie On Things


Our intern is named Maddie, but we swear this isn’t her sex website. This Tumblr is a photo diary of one truly amazing Coonhound.

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Carl Williott (@cwilliott) lives in New York, where he stresses about keeping up with his RSS feeds.