Help Comedian Jon Daly Become Golfer John Daly

Credit: Ryan Pierse/Getty Images

Meet comedian Jon Daly, on the left. His name is one letter off from infamous pro golfer John Daly, on the right. The comedian has launched the Jo(h)n Daly Project (a.k.a. Jon Daly is John Daly), which basically aims to flood Google Images with photos of Jon Daly (comedian) when you search for John Daly (golfer). Still with us? OK, good. This is known as a Google Bomb. Previous victims of such internet trickery include Rick Santorum and ESPN’s Craig James. It is always funny. But this one takes the practice to another level by going the image route.

Why is Jon Daly doing this? Because it is slightly insane and completely rad, just like John Daly. (Here’s the longer explanation.) And we want to help. All you have to do is go to his site and Like or Tweet or otherwise share the photos he’s uploaded of himself as John Daly. Or you can Photoshop your own and send them around.

We can’t just tell you to help spread the photos like wildfire without chipping in ourselves, so we’re sharing some of our favorite “John Daly” photos below.

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