Only The Hot Parts: Vogue Paris Gets Gisele Naked

All photos via Vogue Paris

Gisele Bundchen is one of the hottest females currently in existence on this particular planet in this particular dimension. Sure, she’s married to the fancy man Tom Brady, but we’re willing to overlook that minor blemish because she’s so willing to show off her completely unblemished goddess body.

For her latest addition to our collective spank banks, she went nude for Vogue Paris, and as you can see above we even had to cover up some border nipple action. Gisele, you so saucy! Every once in a while there’s a photo spread of some ridiculously hot babe that is just so great it’s almost infuriating, because…just…HOW CAN SOMEONE BE SO HOT? This is one of those shoots.

And since we’re generous, we’ve grabbed more pics from the spread for you to browse below.