Beef Alert: Kyrie Irving Challenges Kobe Bryant

Buzzfeed pointed us to video of Kyrie Irving challenging Kobe Bryant to a game of 1-on-1, and it is wonderful. The stakes are high–$50,000 for charity, but Bryant knocks it down to $25k for Irving to soften the blow if (when?) he loses, since he’s a broke (relatively speaking) rookie. And then, of course, there is some epic trash talk.  Watch it below, but first, we have a few observations:

-Irving’s got some STONES, right? He wants to challenge Bryant right now, on the spot. And you can tell by the way he’s carrying himself, he legitimately thinks he can beat Kobe.

-Kobe wins the trash talk battle (“I know your Dad don’t think you can beat me…get him on the phone right now.” “[You and Lil Bow Wow] are about the same size…you’re cute.”)

-Kobe totally backs down! We think he’s afraid to lose, afraid to get that “random dude dunking on LeBron at Nike camp” moment. He said they’ll do it a year from now, and in the meantime we’re sure Bryant will be training SPECIFICALLY for that 1-on-1 game, because he is a ruthless assassin, and that’s what ruthless assassins do: they commit to the utter destruction of their enemies.