Rowdy Roddy Piper Straightens Out Your Roommate

Ya know that jerk who lives with you, eats your food and uses up all the hot water in the morning? Yeah, that guy. He’s your roommate and he can be a huge dick. We’ve all found ourselves in s***y roommate situations. Some of us move on, some of us tough it out. However, most of us can’t stand the idea of that guy having his way with the place. You pay rent, too, but you’re a gentleman. There is no need for confrontation–or is there?

Luckily, we found the perfect spokesman to straighten your roommate out. It’s none other than Hall of Fame WWE superstar “Rowdy” Roddy Piper. He’s mean, he’s crazy and he knows how to set the record straight. The next time your roommate is out of line, don’t take any guff. Hit him with one of these “Rowdy” Roddy Roommate memes and he’ll be sure to get the message.