11 Nostalgic Hip-Hop Supergroups Inspired By NKOTBSB

Credit: David Surowiecki/Getty Images

We previously mentioned the August Summer Mixtape Festival in these parts because of its blast-from-the-past ambassador Kimmy Gibbler (Andrea Barber). The fest is a nostalgist’s dream not just because of her, though. In addition to some other retro acts, it’s got New Kids On The Block and Backstreet Boys performing together as the boy band supergroup to end all boy band supergroups, NKOTBSB.

We love the acronym-ization, but unlike your girlfriends, we wouldn’t really be all too excited to see that show. So, inspired by their savvy money-grab and clever naming device, we came up with a bunch of nostalgic hip-hop group mash-ups that we actually would pay money to see. Synergy is a good thing.

BBDMX (Bell Biv DeVoe + DMX)

Biz Markie Mark (Biz Markie + Marky Mark)

Grandmaster Flav (Grandmaster Flash + Flavor Flav)

IMXzibit (IMx + Xzibit)

KRS-Kross (KRS-One + Kriss Kross)

LL Cool J Geils Band (LL Cool J + J. Geils Band)

(N.W.A. + SWV)

Run-DMCee Lo (Run-DMC + Cee Lo)

Skee-Loc (Skee-Lo + Tone-Loc)

TTTLC (Tony! Toni! Tone! + TLC)

Warren G2K (Warren G + B2K)

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