15 Nic Cage Photos That Will Get You A Job

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You know we live in a crazy world when a Nicolas Cage photo gets you hired. A 20-year-old Canadian student was inquiring about a job via e-mail and, instead of attaching her resume and cover letter, she accidentally sent a photo of Cage. She posted a screenshot of the e-mail to her Tumblr, which went viral, and now she’s been offered two jobs.

We actually think that this girl intentionally sent the picture. What better way to show your potential employer that you’re going to kick ass at your job? So, the lesson to learn from all of this is that, when you apply for a job, all you need is a pic of Nic Cage and you’re golden; you’ll blow the much more competent kids out of the water and get hired on the spot! To give you a leg up, we’ve found pictures of Cage that you should use in lieu of a resume for 15 different jobs. You’re welcome, unemployed America.


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Scientology minister

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Construction worker

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Crocodile hunter

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Motivational speaker

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Hell’s Angel

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Mob boss

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Concession stand worker

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International diplomat

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