World’s Fattest Woman Loses Weight By Having Sex

At 700 lbs, Pauline Potter was the world’s heaviest woman. This got her into the Guinness Book of World Records, and apparently her ex-husband was turned on by this, so he reunited with her (fame > fat?). And now for the past seven months they’ve been humping like drunk teens. According to the Daily Mail, “The couple now have marathon sex sessions of up to seven times in one day” and these sessions have caused Potter to lose about 100 lbs.

By the way, one of her legs weighs more than her ex. Oh, and also this: “I can’t move much in bed, but I burn 500 calories a session-it’s great exercise just jiggling around.” Strangely enough, we just don’t think the “jiggling around” workout is gonna be the next P90x.

So, this story is kind of difficult to process (that’s what her liver said!). Is it heartwarming, because it shows that there truly is someone for everyone? Or is it disgusting? Or does it just fill you with intense depression because this mammoth woman is getting more action than you? And what about this dude, SEVEN times in a day? Who does he think he is? We’re guessing he’s bringing some some battery-operated help into the bedroom–Pauline won’t know the difference, it’s not like she can see what’s going on down there.