16 Ridiculous Pool Floats That You Need RIGHT NOW

Photo: hammacher

The other day we brought you 20 dogs straight chillin’ in pools and today with great pleasure and longing we present the most ridiculous and awesome pool floats for human people. Chances are the $91,000 Aquatic Pod Suite pictured above is juuuuuuust a bit outside your price range. Still, there are plenty of affordable, awesome pool floats you can enjoy after the jump.

A giant cockroach: Imagine the fear you could cause

Photo: giantcockroach

This motorized float will help you reach the pinnacle of laziness

Photo: likecool

We’re pretty sure this bad boy isn’t sold in stores

Photo: gizmodo

You’re gonna need a bigger pool

Photo: poolfloatsmart

Destroy your sucker friends who have to fire back using water guns sold separately

Photo: backyardcitypools

Nom nom nom!!!

Photo: fredflare

A giant seesaw, which clearly you would dive on to launch your buddy as far as possible

Photo: everydayclimb

Amount of fun you could have slightly outweighs the likelihood of drowning

Photo: toysplash


Photo: jokeroo

Perfect for dates or staycations

Photo: backyardcitypools

Perfect for … pool parties!

Photo: poolfloatsmart

The pool serves as a moat so all you need is an alligator for your very own protected island territory

Photo: toysplash

Not the most technically impressive, but … Little Officer Ramrod reporting for duty!

Photo: terobertson

Jam through waves on the inflatable water propeller when it goes from design to suped up standard float

Photo: yankodesign

Supervisor/fit mom not included

Photo: toysplash

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