16 GIFs Of Drunk Girls Falling Down

Drunk girls can be super sexy. They get all touchy-feely, coo in high voices and hike up their skirts when dancing. But drunk girls can also be extremely difficult, essentially morphing into yappy, incontinent chihuahuas. It’s a thin line.

Whatever side of that delicate balance they land on, one thing remains certain: drunk girls are especially prone to falling. Maybe it’s the ridiculous shoes they wear. More likely it’s the equilibrium-destroying poison they guzzle. Whatever the reason though, it’s always funny to see a hammered girl totally eat it while she’s trying to act all sexy-like. So here are a bunch of GIFs of drunk girls falling. No chihuahuas were hurt in the making of this post.

How about you have a plate of me for din…uh oh.

WERK that vogue.

“Like, ohmygod, you are one crazy BETCH!”

I’m on a boat!

Me too!

There’s an easy joke about women and driving here, but we’ll let you make it.

QZhMk GIFterpiece Theatre: Emma Stone, alien Olympian and Darwin Award candidate

Credit: Guyism

Guys, check out my impression of the housing market in 2008.

Way to lead with the head, brunette girl.

Duck, duck, duck, BWAH.

Sexyyy…sexyyyy….not sexy.


Didn’t you hear us, watch out for the sniper!

Amazingly, the pool railing isn’t an effective lounge chair.

Fall like nobody’s watching.

Night moves.

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