Kevin Robinson’s Ridiculous Schedule For X-Games

Credit: Getty Images

Kevin Robinson: BMX Trickster. Badass. Patriot. Boy are we looking forward to seeing him haul ass up and down some ramps at the X-Games this weekend. He’s been doing it since we were listening to Naughty By Nature, racked up nine medals, a few air records and plenty of injuries along the way, but none of that Big Air has inflated his head. Before he died, Robinson’s good friend Junior Seau got him psyched about giving back to the community (look for “No. 55 Buddee” on the back of his jersey in honor of Seau), and Robinson has since been working hard to make sure the next generation of athletes can afford to compete. But that’s just par for the course with Robinson. He works hard. Don’t believe us? We got a hold of his schedule for day one of the X-Games:

5:30 A.M. Hit the MegaRamp

5:40 A.M. Invent new trick: The Triple Flair

6:00 A.M. Get day’s first shoulder surgery

Credit: Getty Images

8:00 A.M. Breakfast

8:20 A.M. Back to MegaRamp

9:30 A.M. Open new skatepark/orphanage complex

10-11:30 A.M. Celebrate 85th birthday

12 P.M. School every competitor one-third my age in BMX Big Air

1:15 P.M. Get day’s second shoulder surgery

3:00 P.M. Collect 5th Big Air Gold Medal

3:02 P.M. Use medal to hold shoulder in place

3:20P.M. Back to MegaRamp to show off Triple Flair

4:00 P.M. Head home to watch “SportsCenter” highlights of myself

6:00 P.M. Take everyone I dominated out to FatBurger for a chili cup and a big hug

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