8 Greatest Bros From ‘Real World’

Real World: St. Thomas” premieres tonight at 10/9 c and in an effort to prepare you (see: “8 Greatest Crazy Girls From ‘Real World‘”) we’ve put together a list of the eight greatest bros from the past decade of the show. These are the guys with overly-manicured body hair and a surplus of self-confidence. They’re often meatheads, athletes and ladies’ men, and they’re typically the most entertaining people on “Real World” when girly drama gets to be too much. After all, every fight can be resolved by chillin’ in the pool while discussing chest waxing habits, right? Keep calm and bro on.

1. C.T., Paris

Credit: Jason Campbell
We don’t know what the C and T actually stand for, but judging by the Boston native’s over-the-top antics, we’d guess “cocky tool.” C.T. played it more low-key in Paris, but entered full beast mode on the challenges, where we loved watching his eyes bulge out of his head as he dominated the competition.

2. Brad, San Diego

Credit: Zach Cordner
California girls couldn’t keep their hands off the motorcycle-riding Italian dude. We were in awe of Brad‘s ability to juggle so many women at once; he had a girlfriend back home, but that didn’t stop him from hooking up with anyone else, including his roommate Cameran. Nothing says bro like treating women as disposable objects.

3. Wes, Austin

Credit: Jason Campbell
Wes was a 19-year-old frat boy at Arizona State when he appeared on “Real World,” and he quickly established himself as a loud, competitive jock. It was hilarious to watch him get into ugly street brawls and pick up girls by pretending to be Prince Harry.

4. John, Key West

Credit: Jason Campbell
He definitely lives up to his nickname, “Johnny Bananas.” John, with his blow-up girlfriend in tow, brought the party to Key West by being the ladies’ man and the prankster of the house. Just look at that belt buckle; what a hilarious prank!

5. Alex, Denver

Credit: Greg Endries
A cocky Arizona State dude, Alex was kind of an a-hole, but the girls gravitated to him like college kids to Natty Light. In the season premiere alone, he hooked up with Colie AND slept with Jenn. Guess that’s just his way of getting to know new people.

6. Bronne, Cancun

Credit: Rene Cervantes
When the season started, our money was on CJ, the NFL free agent punter, to take the cake for “bro-iest roommate.” But CJ took forever to primp himself with about 100 different products, which isn’t very bro-like. So we turned to Bronne with his ultra bro-y name. Bronne, a varsity boxer for Penn State, was a no-drama dude who entertained us by hooking up with a middle-aged woman and getting banned from a hotel after he threw a fire extinguisher off the balcony.

7. Scott, Brooklyn

Credit: Jason Campbell
A personal trainer with killer abs, Scott was the ultimate meathead. After he broke up with his girlfriend mid-season he started bringing a ton of girls home. That led his roommates to write him off as an unapologetic player. It’s hard to disagree.

8. Zach, San Diego

Credit: Ian Spanier
Zach is the ultimate small-town bro; he loves steaks and guns, and he’s serious about his football career. He graduated with degrees in sports science and exercise physiology, and he definitely knows how to use his good looks to get girls’ attention. Basically he just stands there and looks prettier than they do. Girls love that.

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