28 Sexy Photos Of ‘Guy Code”s Melanie Iglesias

Credit: Jason Merritt/Getty Images

Attention, attention: we are now a mere three weeks away from the season two premiere of MTV2’s “Guy Code” on Tuesday, July 17 at 11/10c. We’ve been feeling seriously deprived of the show’s unfailing wisdom, but what we miss most of all are, of course, the sexy girls of “Guy Code.”

So to commence the three-week countdown to the show’s return, we’ve decided to whet your appetites by giving you 28 photos of our favorite “Guy Code” hottie, Melanie Iglesias. Melanie is well-known for her insanely gorgeous Twitter pics, and this new flipbook is dedicated to the best of those self-snaps, with a few red-carpet looks thrown in just for kicks. Can July 17 please get here already?

Click here for 28 SEXY PHOTOS OF MELANIE IGLESIAS.You’re welcome.

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