Chicks Dig Wakeboarding And ‘Wake Brothers’

Credit: Eri Morita

It’s summer, and that means trips to various bodies of water of both the salt and fresh persuasion, and that means chicks in bikinis. And do you know what chicks in bikinis LOVE? Dudes who can rip some gnar moves in the water. If you can do that, the water isn’t the only thing you’ll make splash.

Women love the mystique of a man in a half-open wetsuit, confidently striding off the pier and ready to grip it and rip it. It’s science. So which water sport should you pursue in your pursuit of the ladies? Surfing is super hard, and not everyone lives near surfable waves. Cliff diving is terrifying, plus the proximity issue again. Water-skiing jumped the shark when the Fonz jumped the shark. Windsurfing isn’t that cool because even creaky old politicians can do it. Plus, there’s barely any flipping. Do you know what has tons of flipping? WAKEBOARDING.

“If he can flip so gracefully like that on the water, there’s no telling what he can do in the bedroom!” say all the women, probably. So you better brush up on your wakeboarding skills if you hope to bag a beach betty this summer. And we know exactly where to start: MTV’s new show “Wake Brothers.” The show follows Bob and Phillip Soven, brothers who are the #4 and #1 ranked wakeboarders, respectively. Based on the following trailer, the show promises plenty of wakeboarding action and the sexy action wakeboarders get as a result. So study this trailer like game film, my friends.

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