7 Famous Chastity Belts In Pop Culture

Good news, fellas: JWOWW’s not ready to settle down anytime soon. The bad news? Apparently, she’s not looking to smoosh either. JWOWW recently revealed that her BFF Snooki’s pregnancy convinced her to wear a chastity belt. We think she’s probably exaggerating a little, considering no one’s worn chastity belts since about the 1500s. Right? Wrong! Turns out, these belts have popped up in pop culture quite a few times since their medieval hay day. Here are seven examples:

1. “Robin Hood: Men In Tights”

At the end of the movie, Robin Hood finally gets Maid Marian, but…she’s wearing a locked chastity belt. Bummer, dude. As the Sheriff of Rottingham says, “A chastity belt? That’s going to chafe my willy!”

2. Elin Nordegren: No Tigers Allowed

In 2010, rumors of marriage problems between Tiger Woods and his then-wife, Elin Nordegren, began to circulate. A friend of Nordegren told People that Nordegren wore a chastity belt made of spikes. Easy now, Elin.

3. Virgin Dogs

In 2010, a chastity belt for dogs called PABS (Pet Anti-Breeding System) was introduced by a dog breeder from Louisiana. The belt is designed to prevent intercourse in female dogs, but it mostly just succeeds in making the dogs super embarrassing to walk.

4. Iron Virgin Lives Up To Its Name

The Scottish glam rock band Iron Virgin (remember them? Don’t worry, no one else does either) was known for its freaky stage garb. Chief among these was lead singer Stuart Harper’s tendency to wear an iron chastity belt with a “No Entry” sign on it. How very punk rock of him.

5. “Meet The Spartans”

In this 2008 parody flick, Carmen Electra’s Queen Margo gives Leonidas the combination to the lock on her iron belt. It may be the only good part of the movie.

6. Lady Gaga Fails To Shock The World

Honestly, is anyone surprised that Lady Gaga managed to weasel her way onto this list? Nothing is ever out of fashion for Gaga, including chastity belts; she rocked a spiked one with a matching bra while shopping in Milan last year. On anyone else, that would be bold and risqué, but for Gaga, it’s just another Wednesday.

7. The Worst Vacation to Greece Ever

In 2004, a woman set off the metal detectors in Athens Airport because of the chastity belt she was wearing. She explained that her husband made her wear it so she wouldn’t have an affair during her vacation to Greece. Because nothing screams a trusting marriage more than forcing your partner wear to wear metal underwear…

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