Breaking (Batty) Babe: Internet Flashpoint Courtney Stodden

Credit: @CourtneyStodden

In recent days, you may have come across a weird, soft-focus fan-made tribute video to Marilyn Monroe. That is the work of Courtney Stodden. She may look like a cougar nearing the tail end of her stripping career, but the divisive Internet babe was launched onto the scene when, at age 16, she married 51-year-old former “Lost” actor Doug Hutchinson. They immediately did the press rounds, during which Stodden vehemently denied claims that she’d had plastic surgery. Oh, and also, this amazingly creepy thing happened:

Since then, Courtney has paraded herself in front of cameras in myriad themes of racy dress, and tabloids and gossip sites eat it up. The general public seemingly cannot stand her, and yet can’t get enough of her. Her parents may be crazy, her husband may be crazy and she may be crazy — but she’s certainly a master manipulator of new media (just take a look at her bonkers-inappropriate Twitter feed).

Credit: @CourtneyStodden

Credit: JB Lacroix/WireImage

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