10 Bizarre Pop Culture Depictions Of Abraham Lincoln

Credit: 20th Century Fox

In case you’ve been living in the 19th century, there’s a movie coming out tomorrow called “Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter.” Yes, that’s the name of a real film (which is actually based on a book of the same name) about Lincoln’s mission to destroy the vampires that are taking over the United States. Is it strange to use Abe Lincoln as the protagonist of such a bizarre concept? Yes. But is it unprecedented? Definitely not. There have been a ton of super strange pop culture depictions of Lincoln in the past. We’ve listed 10 of our favorites below.

1. ‘The New Adventures of Abraham Lincoln’

Credit: Image Comics

This comic, which combines trippy 3-D and 2-D artwork, follows the story of a couple kids who try to expose an imposter Lincoln. The real Abe comes back from the dead to help them, and then you find out the whole thing is an alien plot.

2. ‘Robot Chicken’

In the cartoon’s first “Star Wars” special, Abe loses a light saber battle with George W. Bush. In another episode, Lincoln does an ass-whooping on Robert E. Lee, telling him mid-fight, “We still have three score and seven kicks to the balls to go!”

3. ‘Futurama’

Abe’s head is displayed in a jar in the Head Museum, along with the heads of other past Presidents like George Washington, who appears in an ad promoting a car dealership.

4. ‘The Venture Bros’

Lincoln’s ghost appears to Hank and Dean to get them to stop Colonel Manstrong from assassinating the President. Lincoln tries to possess Dean’s body so he can sneak inside the White House, but comes off as a total perv when he tries to kiss Hank.

5. ‘The Grim Adventures of Bill and Mandy’

Abe first appeared in this cartoon as Billy’s intimidating new best friend, replacing Grim.

6. ‘Celebrity Deathmatch’

Lincoln and Teddy Roosevelt faced off against George Washington and Richard Nixon in a bloody July fourth episode of MTV’s claymation series featuring celebrities fighting each other to the death.

7. ‘Clone High’

On this animated MTV series, in which the grand-clones of historical figures like Joan of Arc, JFK and Gandhi go to high school, Abe is the tall, skinny nerd who falls in love with Cleopatra.

8. ‘Time Squad’

Lincoln shows his bad boy side in the episode “Dishonest Abe.” Tired of being upstanding and honest, Abe turns into a badass prankster.

9. ‘Time Lincoln’

Credit: Antarctic Press

This weirdly awesome comic features Abe, with the help of H.G. Wells’ time machine, fighting real-life villains like Stalin, Hitler and Mao.

10. ‘Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure’

Bill and Ted, the hilariously dumb teens who are just trying to finish their history report, recruit Lincoln to close out their presentation with a riveting speech. “Be excellent to each other. And…party on, dudes!”

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