Texas Rangers Announcer And 7 More People Speaking Gibberish On Live TV

A couple days ago, people watching the local Texas Rangers broadcast were treated to an odd moment when announcer Dave Barnett began speaking gibberish about a player being on “fifth base” and a “botched robbery.” At first people wondered if he was having an on-air stroke or aneurysm or something, but it turns out he was just suffering from a serious migraine. So now we can listen to it and laugh hysterically. Ah, mild brain failure!

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But Barnett isn’t the first person to succumb to the mysterious gibberish bug on television. Conspiracy theorists say these episodes are the result of government mind control efforts using microwaves. Sure. Or it could be due to a combination of exhaustion, nervousness and migraines leading to an “Old School” debate blackout moment. Whatever the case, here are seven more people who appear to be stroking out on live television — and it’s OK to laugh because everyone was just fine afterward.

1. Serene Branson after the Grammys in 2011

The most well-known incident was sort of terrifying at the time, and is absolutely hilarious now that we know it was from nothing but a complex migraine.

2. Volleyballer’s pre-faint stammering

This woman valiantly tried to get a few words out as she went down. Which is why this is so damn funny. Nerves + jet lag = internet gold.

3. Blonde reporter starts speaking in tongues

Wisconsin reporter Sarah Carlson suffered a mild epileptic seizure on-air last year. If you have epilepsy, maybe a job that primarily requires reading moving white letters on a black video screen isn’t the best fit?

4. Drunken “Dunka Dooball” lady made famous by “The Soup”

She was possessed by the booze demon.

5. Canadian reporter sounds like a radio station that keeps cutting out

This one goes on for a painfully long time, and it’s made more painful because he’s OHSOCLOSE to saying what he wants to say. After being rushed to the hospital he felt “much better.”

6. Guest faints on “Glenn Beck” show

The only words he can muster are “passin’ out” and “gone!” Good hustle (to the guy passing out, not to Beck who just ignored his pleas).

7. Joe Namath drunkenly hits on Suzy Kolber

The “Citizen Kane” of drunken interviews. The legendary Joe Namath slurs his way through nonsensical football analysis before metaphorically saying “ah, screw it” and going in for the kill with Suzy Kolber. “I wanna kiss you! Yeaaaaaaah!” This must be what every guy at a bar looks and sounds like to the girls they’re hitting on.

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