‘Nicolas Cage Cats’ Is Latest Nic Cage Meme Craze

All photos credit: NickCageCats

It seems the world will never quench its thirst for Nicolas Cage-related tumblrs. A while back we brought you the wonderful Gifolas Cage collection of GIFs. Well, now we have the whacked out Nicolas Cage Cats Tumblr. And no, it’s not cats that LOOK like Nic Cage. That’s pussy stuff. It’s cats with Nic Cage’s ACTUAL FACE Photoshopped on.

There’s nightmare fuel, and then there’s funny nightmare fuel. We’re not exactly sure which category this falls under, but we love looking at the photos of warped Cage Cheshire cats nonetheless. Is Nicolas Cage currently the most meme-able celebrity? Take a look at some of the photos below and you decide. Just make sure you’re not under the influence of any psychotropic chemicals when viewing.


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