Carmelo Anthony And Dwight Howard Star In Chinese Movie

Credit: Getty Images/WireImage

When NBA players try their hand at acting, the results are usually disastrous. Sure, “Space Jam” defined our childhood, but have you tried to watch it lately? And must we mention “Kazaam”? (The exception to the rule would be Ray Allen in “He Got Game.”) Gary Oldman even did a hilarious “Actors Against Acting Athletes” PSA recently on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” and we would totally support the cause if it were a real thing.

But! If NBA stars are in an uber-cheesy Chinese film, could the terribleness of the film actually make their acting look half-decent? We’re about to find out, because Carmelo Anthony, Dwight Howard, Yi Jianlian and Scottie Pippen are starring in a Chinese movie called “Amazing”–which is CRAZY because that’s the very word we’d use to describe the trailer! It looks like “Tron” meets “Air Bud” crossed with the SyFy network’s special effects budget.

We just have two questions: when can we see it, and why isn’t Yao Ming in it?

Check out the trailer:

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