Alec Baldwin Solves Paparazzi Problem By Dressing Like Ghost

Credit: Lawrence Schwartzwald via Splash News

 The mercurial Alec Baldwin got into trouble yesterday after getting into a scuffle with a photographer outside of a New York City courthouse. People feigned shock and anger, but really we know every time a celeb goes off on a paparazzo, an angel gets its wings and a baby says its first word and a cat yawns.

We were already in Baldwin’s court, but then he went and dressed like a ghost! Yes, mere hours after the scrape, he emerged on New York’s streets in a sheet like Casper, so papz couldn’t snap his photo. Even more impressive, a sheet with no eye-holes. Only Alec Baldwin can manage to still navigate with that hindrance because he’s a f***ing closer!

Obviously, this isn’t his first time poking fun at one of his “controversies.” After getting booted from a flight for refusing to stop playing Words With Friends, he appeared on “SNL” to spoof the story, and then made a joke about the incident in a long-running Capital One commercial. Alec Baldwin, never change. Your dickishness somehow makes you even more endearing.

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