Rihanna’s Bird Tattoo Is Tougher Than Justin Bieber’s

Credit: @rihanna

Rihanna recently tweeted a photo of her new ankle tattoo. It is a falcon, and it is just about as majestic as an ankle tat can be. But how does it stack up with other pop stars’ bird tattoos?

Well, it dwarfs Justin Beiber‘s little dinky bird on his hip.

Credit: A. Ariani/Splash News

That thing makes the Twitter logo look like a frigging bald eagle with a bloody shark hanging out of its mouth.

But then there’s Chris Brown‘s right leg tattoo. It’s tough to find a good look at it online, but it appears to be a massive phoenix-like bird that may or may not be on fire. It’s huge and ornate and takes the top spot. By the way, we’re obligated to point out that Chris Brown has a bird tat on his leg and then Rihanna goes out and gets one. Coincidence?

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