5 Songs That Best Compliment ‘Axeman Mobile’

I’ll be honest; I don’t play many video games. That’s why I’m the editor of this blog and not MTV Multiplayer. The extent of my recent gaming has been “Yahtzee Adventure,” “NBA Jam” and “Madden ’12” on my iPhone while sitting on the subway.

Obviously, I’m no video game expert, but I am hooked on the new app “Axeman Mobile.” Yes, it’s by Axe Body Spray. Yes, it’s a promotional tool. And yes, I realize that sounds ridiculous. However, that also means it’s free to download, plus they’ve created Planet AXE, which is one-part social network and one-part online gaming hub where you can exchange points for actual prizes.

As for “Axeman” itself, the basis is simple but the actual game-play is deceptively tricky. Music notes appear on the guitar fret at the bottom and you use those to shoot enemy douchebags while blocking the projectiles they throw and collecting girls in your crew to improve your health. My favorite feature is you can play along to any song on your iPod, rather than put up with annoying video game background music. I’ve already tried a variety of tracks and so far the following five complement “Axeman” best.

“N****s In Paris” by Watch The Throne

At a recent Yankees game, I heard Alex Rodriguez use this as his walk-out music. Last night, I heard the Miami Heat use it during their Finals Game Three introduction. The song may be overplayed, but it’s perfect hype music for killing evil frat boys.

“Pills, Weed and P***y” by Juicy J

From Juicy J‘s second mixtape with Lex Luger, Rubba Band Business 2, this song is perfect for bouncing down the block in your Impala. Since I don’t have a car, it’s also great for picking up video game hoes by tapping them twice.

“Adrenaline Nightshift” by Japandroids

Off their recent album, Celebration Rock, this song’s bare-bones guitar and drums take me back to my punk rock high school days when jocks really did throw bottles at me. Now I’m killing video game jocks as revenge…kind of sad, but also cathartic.

“Night & Day” by Hot Chip

Hot Chip is a welcome reprieve from the testosterone tracks I was picking. The song makes the game play like a bouncy dance with a cute glow-sticks girl.

“Super Mario Bros 3″ by The Minibosses

Humor my one clever, “meta” choice. The Minibosses are an indie rock band that only covers old Nintendo songs. At first, I’m glad I don’t have to listen to cheesy video game music and then I crave an updated rock version of that very same music. The heart wants what it wants.

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