15 Evil Clown GIFs That Will Haunt Your Dreams

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No hyperbole in this headline — evil clowns will actually haunt many people’s dreams, or prevent them from sleeping. Take our friends Eric and Matt, for example, who have feared the makeup-wearing freaks since childhood. They have a legitimate phobia called coulrophobia. We won’t link their Facebook profiles because we’re nice guys. It also didn’t help the clown community that 1970s serial killer John Wayne Gacy actually dressed up at parties as his creation “Pogo the Clown.” There’s more crazy stares and a healthy dose of Pennywise (above, from the film adaptation of Stephen King’s “It”) after the jump.

Flashlight confirms that it’s an evil clown lurking in a basement

Credit: x-entertainment

No thanks

Credit: weheartit

An aged Joker

Credit: gifsoup

Someone is here to see you. He’ll let himself in.

“Single Ladies” dance takes the edge off a little bit

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At least he had the common decency to bring balloons

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There’s pure evil behind that smile

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Real-life, sadistic version of Animal from Muppet Babies

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More deranged Pennywise

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Yeah, we’ll stay right here

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And that’s why you don’t look underneath the bed

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Welcome home

Credit: imgfave

Ronald McDonald’s evil brother

Credit: wfmu

Yep, Krusty too

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