Breaking Babe: Andrew W.K.’s Wife Cherie Lily Is Dripping Wet

Partier/rocker/motivational brony Andrew W.K. is a friend to MTV Clutch, and we SWEAR it’s not just because we’re trying to sidle up to his hot wife Cherie Lily:

Credit: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

That’s just a perk of the job. You may know Lily as part of W.K.’s raucous live shows. If not, we’re here to get you familiar. She puts out her own music, a mix of dance/workout bangers that she describes as houserobics: “It’s a genre I created that fuses original dance with high-energy beats and inspiring lyrics…I want people to listen to my music and go nuts, on the treadmill or in the club.”

And the sexy new video for her single “Dripping Wet” just dripped dropped, and it features women in thongs, pasties and covered in body grease…pretty much exactly what you want in a music video. We got Cherie on the phone to talk about the video and her penchant for wearing ’80s-style aerobics attire. Check out the interview, and feast your eyes on some Cherie Lily photos at the end.

Does that outer thong thing on those sexy ’80s leotards serve a purpose?
The purpose is to separate your cheeks. [laughs] There really is no purpose other than it looks amazing and makes your ass pop and I’m bringing that back.

We’re grateful for that, as are all the girls who are soaking wet in the new video.
Luckily the water was warm so it wasn’t too uncomfortable. We had a lot of fun. And all of the people in the video are my friends and creative peers in New York City, so we just had an absolute blast getting together and getting wet.

How does your husband feel about your sexy videos, knowing that countless horny pervs like us get to watch them?
I am extremely grateful to have a husband like Andrew W.K., who’s so encouraging and supportive of me doing the ultra, uber-sexy vibe. He’s a very non-jealous guy, he’s all for it, and it’s all about creating the most exciting stuff. Why should I not create the most exciting stuff because of someone else’s insecurity? So luckily, my man is 100% secure in me, and our relationship, so he doesn’t have to worry about other men getting off online [laughs].

Speaking of — readers, here you go:

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