20 MLB Outfielders Being Eaten By The Wall

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We know this is gruesome but it’s a story that needs to be told: Outfield walls across Major League Baseball are eating people. Usually outfielders. Sure, the Green Monster is the obvious culprit, but walls across the league have devoured brave men daring to go near them in pursuit of deep fly balls. Just look at Padres’ center fielder Cameron Maybin a couple days ago. His leg is getting gobbled! Click on for more unfortunate outfield maulings.

Adam Jones, already gone

Photo: Rob Carr/Getty Images

Xavier Paul getting pulled in by his torso

Photo: Mike Zarrilli/Getty Images

This is why Curtis Granderson left the Tigers (also, $$$)

Photo: Jonathan Daniel /Getty Images

Give back Aaron Rowand’s glove!

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Aaron Rowand changed teams, but not his nemesis, The Wall

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Josh Hamilton looks unfazed despite the horror

Photo: Otto Greule /Getty Images

Michael Saunders succumbs to the force

Photo: Otto Greule /Getty Images

Marlon Anderson desperately tries to push off the wall

Photo: Jamie Squire/Getty Images

State Farm is not there for Jason Heyward

Photo: Mike Zarrilli /Getty Images

Jason Repko getting pulled from the bottom, his ankle already gnawed off

Photo: Jeff Gross /Getty Images

Gary Sheffield got sucked into the wall trying to rescue Bubba Crosby

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Brad Hawpe just looks pathetic

Photo: Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Dexter Fowler, hopeless

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Nelson Cruz gets pulled in glove-first

Photo: Ronald Martinez /Getty Images

Corey Patterson is a goner

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The monster’s arm is visible behind Cody Ross

Photo: Stephen Dunn /Getty Images

Chris Young loses his arm

Photo: Christian Petersen /Getty Images

Carlos Gonzalez chewed up by ivy

Photo: Brian D. Kersey /Getty Images

Cargo has company with Marlon Byrd

Photo: Scott Boehm /Getty Images