10 Father’s Day Gifts You’ll Want Too

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Father’s Day is upon us once again. Gone are the days of giving the old man a crappy tie, new tube socks or even that thing you called an ashtray. This year, take a few minutes out of your busy day (yes, surfing the web counts as being busy) to not only look for a great gift for the man who helped give you life, but something that you can both “share.” With so many options to choose from in so many price ranges, your good friends at MTV Clutch are here to help by taking the guesswork out of choosing the correct gift. Happy Father’s Day.

1. For The Father Who Loves His Entertainment Big


Epson MegaPlex MG-850HD ($650)
On the more expensive side, Epson’s MegaPlex is worth every penny of its price, with great picture quality, big stereo sound and a versatile docking station for dad’s iPad. You’ll quickly get past the cash you drop on this mack daddy of projectors after you play “Call of Duty” while it’s being projected on the side of the house.

2. For The Father Who Loves (Eating) Pigs

Credit:Fortuna Sausage co.

Fortuna Sausage Company’s Breakfast Bundle Special ($70)
“Everything tastes better with bacon in it,” so the fine folks at Fortuna Sausage Company have the perfect gift for every meat loving, carnivorous daddy out there. The Breakfast Bundle includes half pounds of Canadian bacon, smoked bacon and maple sausage links. Need we say more?

3. For The Dad Who Busts Caps


Bullets2Bandages .50 Caliber Bullet Bottle opener ($20)
The .50 Caliber Bullet Bottle Opener shoots the top off any drink with ease. Created by two Navy bomb techs (the guys who defuse live ammo and bombs), B2B makes a donation to American soldiers with every bottle opener sold.

4. For The Dad Who Likes Beer Pong


Krups Beer Tender ($150)
Drop one of these bad boys in the man cave and watch the good times roll. The Krups BeerTender is compatible with the Heineken DraughtKeg system and has the ability to start a party at a moment’s notice.

5. For The Father Who’s Obsessed With His iPhone


Kogeto Dot ($50)
Dot is a 360-degree panoramic video accessory for his iPhone 4 / 4S. Your father will finally see the entire crowd at Yankee Stadium after he uses his Kogeto Dot camera.

6. For The Father Who Talks With His Hands


The iMotion CarPlay Direct Connect 3000 ($99.95)
The iMotion 3000 will not only let your father charge his iPhone/iPod, it also allows him to literally talk with his hands using waving gestures. Try it for yourself, but just remember the device doesn’t recognize all types of hand gestures as of yet.

7. For The Father Who’s A TV Junkie

Credit:Roku and Hulu Plus

Roku Streaming Device ($50-$100)
If your dad likes his Hulu Plus, Pandora, Netflix and other streaming services in one place, look no further. Small, powerful and easy to use, Roku is perfect for dad’s TV in the basement where he is too cheap to put a cable box. For a limited time (6/17), you can purchase a Roku HD and get six months of Hulu Plus and an HDMI cable for free.

8. For The Father Who Hates Wallets


RumbaTime- Perry Go Watch ($50)
If your dad complains that he has too many things stuffed inside his sock, then buy him a Perry Go watch from RumbaTime. The watch is enabled with a pay chip from Visa that allows it to be used to make purchases with a swipe of the wrist.

9. For The Father Who Still Uses A Flip Phone


Nokia Lumia 900 Phone ($99 w/2 yr. ATT contract)
If your dad is still sporting a flip phone and refuses to upgrade, pick up the Lumia 900 from Nokia. Dad can update his Facebook status, take great pictures and download new apps, all while sending your call to voicemail.

10. For The Father Who’s Into Comics


Mimoco Superhero USB drives ($16)

Choose Batman, Superman, Flash or even Robin (well, maybe not Robin) from Mimoco Superhero USB memory stick collection. We can all afford to help our dad’s inner superhero come out.

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