Chad Ochocinco Signed By Dolphins, Probably For ‘Hard Knocks’

Credit: Michael Buckner/Getty Images

A few days after the Patriots released Chad Ochocinco, the Miami Dolphins have signed him. So now, in case his slow decline into retirement has caused you to forget how “wacky” and “outspoken” he is, Chad will have one last chance to rekindle interest and wow us in front of the cameras for HBO‘s “Hard Knocks.” Hilarity ensues!

We’re actually looking forward to this, and HBO must be pretty stoked about how all of this played out: now they (and viewers) get Ochocinco Crazy instead of Brandon Marshall Crazy (which is more of the “entertaining, silly” style and less of the “Should we have a straitjacket on hand?” kind). Plus, we now know the name of a player on the Dolphins! That’s what Michael Scott calls win-win-win. Which is probably the only time this year that Dolphins fans will see three wins in a row.

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