‘Workaholics’ Exclusive: Sneak Peek Of Bloopers Video

The third season of “Workaholics” is in full swing and their cult of viewers couldn’t be happier. Comedy Central’s offbeat sitcom about the office antics of three all-play-no-work dudes has become a pipe dream for American slackers across the country. Why can’t partying instead of working be our main priority? Why can’t we have co-workers who will eat ceiling tile with us? Would we get fired if we showed up to work wearing a bear costume?

Hell, that’s why it’s become one of our favorite shows. And the reason we’re so excited for this exclusive bloopers clip from the new “Workaholics'” DVD and Blu Ray releases. If you’re like us, you’ll want to pick up the “Workaholics” Season Two DVD or the  Seasons One & Two Combo Daddy Blu Ray release to revisit all your favorite stupid/hilarious moments. Or this is a great opportunity to catch up on the show that should already be on your “must-watch” schedule, but you’ve been slacking. It’s OK, you can slack on watching slackers and be forgiven…but not forever. Watch the exclusive blooper featurette below and get on track.

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