‘Hip Hop Squares’ Celebs Plot Their Own Game Shows

Credit: Getty

Imagine this: a real-life Candyland board in which, when you roll the dice, Mac Miller and Fat Joe pick which colored square you move to next. OK, so it might not happen anytime soon, but if it were up to Hot 97 DJ Angie Martinez and comedian Owen Smith, “Hip Hop Candyland” would totally be the next big thing.

In this exclusive online clip from Tuesday night’s episode of “Hip Hop Squares,” Martinez and Smith plot the creation of their own game show, throwing around ideas like “Hip Hop Uno,” “Hip Hop Spades” and “Hip Hop Draw Four.” Sounds like these two have had a lot of downtime in “the hood” (their nickname for the bottom row of squares on the show’s giant Tic Tac Toe board) to think of ways to corrupt children’s favorite games.

Better patent these ideas, guys; we heard MGK has already signed on to be Colonel Mustard in “Hip Hop Clue.”

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