2011-2012 Season’s Funniest NBA GIFs

While the 2011-2012 season isn’t over yet, we’re already certain it will be remembered as one of the oddest NBA seasons ever. First, we don’t even know if there’d be a season due to the lockout. That causes all kinds of drama including Bryant Gumbel likening David Stern to a “modern plantation overseer.” Stern responds by blocking a Chris Paul trade to the Lakers, only to give him to the neighboring Clippers. Finally, the games begin on Christmas with fat, out-of-shape players, tons of Dwight Howard trade drama, a magic Asian-American elf named Jeremy Lin, injuries and finger-pointing galore, Amar’e Stoudemire losing in a fight with a fire extinguisher, the unibrow lottery “scandal“… and we haven’t even mentioned the Miami Heat.

Not to discount the graceful displays of athletic prowess this season, but the clumsiest slapstick moments are what we’ll tell our grand-kids about. To commemorate the last six months of NBA comedy, we offer a collection of the cheapest, most unglamorous form of Internet media you can find: GIFs. So feast your eyes on the funniest NBA GIFs of the 2011-2012.

You’ve been BOSHED!

Kevin Durant clearly read the scouting report on Joel Przybilla.

If Flopping were a B-Movie, its star would be Reggie Evans.

Extinguished: The Amar’e Stoudemire Story

Credit: Twitter

Shane Battier, you’re old, you should know the oldest trick in the book.

Float like a butterfly, flop like a ‘Bron.

Pardon his Cuban.

D-Rose Don’t Dance

In the background, you see Chris Duhon’s inspired “traveling dance.”

Miami greased the rim to haze rookie Norris Cole.

Jeremy Lin’s blue tongue is the source of his power.

Hey Pau, stop teasing the ball boy.

DeSagana Diop’s impression of the Facebook IPO.

You need to clean yo’ ears, son!

Little Big Country

Dwyane “Dick” Wade

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