Jay Pharoah Shines On ESPN’s ‘First Take’

Credit: Larry Busacca/Getty Images

It’s always awkward when the most clueless celebrities appear on sports shows pretending that they know even one thing about sports. Luckily, Jay Pharoah, the comedian and “Saturday Night Live” cast member best known for his hilarious impersonations, proved on ESPN‘s “First Take” Tuesday morning that he not only knows a thing or two about basketball, but he also has a damn good time showing us that he does.

Pharoah has parodied Stephen A. Smith on “SNL” in the past, mimicking Smith’s extreme yelling and random outrages, so seeing the two sit side by side is fun, especially when Pharaoh whipped out his best Smith impersonation. Pharoah also followed it up with spot-on imitations of Denzel Washington, Charles Barkley and Eddie Murphy.

In the clip below, Pharoah also takes a dig at Paul Pierce, whom he calls a diva and an actress, getting Smith all riled up. For the record, Pharoah’s a Thunder fan, and said that they would have a good shot against the Heat if the two teams were to meet in the NBA finals.

To see more of Pharoah’s impersonations on “First Take,” check out this video.

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