9 Athletes Who Out-Earn You Playing ‘Beer Sports’

You’re a man. And that means you like “crushing beers” with your fellow man. And it also means you’re a competitive maniac willing to engage in any activity affording you the opportunity to assert your dominance over your fellow man. It follows, then, that there is nothing better than an activity that offers the chance to crush opponents and beers AT THE SAME TIME.

Turns out, some dudes make very lucrative livings doing such things. There’s a whole slew of guys who get paid to play “beer sports,” those casual recreational activities that are drunkenly playable. Many of these guys make more money playing bar games than you will ever see in your life. The world is unfair.

So without further ado, here are the highest-paid “athletes” from nine beer sports. But before you go all-in on your leisure-sport star back-up plan, you should know: not all beer sports are created equal. The earnings were so small for the likes of bocce ball, horseshoes and shuffleboard that we couldn’t even find accurate figures.

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