What Does Nick Cannon Call Mariah Carey’s Garbanzos?

Credit: Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images

Hearing Nick Cannon talk about beans is not in itself disturbing, but when it’s in relation to Mariah Carey‘s boobs, it gets a little weird.

In this sneak peek video for the next episode of “Hip Hop Squares,” airing on MTV2 Tuesday at 11p, Nick proves his smarts by flaunting his knowledge of Italian cuisine, correctly identifying a garbanzo as a chickpea. But that’s not all, folks: we also get a sneak peek into Nick and Mariah’s sex life, (which may be more than we ever wanted) as Nick reveals his pet name for his wife’s rack: the twins.

The fact that Nick and Mariah’s kids are twins must make Nick’s life a little confusing, (i.e., when he says to himself, “It’s been a long day; I can’t wait to go home and play with the twins!”) but it’s better than calling Mariah’s boobs “garbanzos,” because that would make eating hummus a lot more confusing.

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