15 GIFs That Make You Wait For It

Credit: tumblr

Even on the Internet, you can’t always expect instant gratification. Such is the issue with this collection of GIFs, starting with Jack Nicholson above. It takes a second or two or more, but the payoff is there. We promise.

She’s watching you the entire time

Credit: blameitonthevoices

Just Hancock…and his dog

Credit: reddit


Credit: 4GIFs/reddit

Still cute, right?

Credit: funnyjunk

It’s in there somewhere

Credit: 4GIFs/Reddit

You’d run too

Credit: 4GIFs/reddit

One animal was slightly harmed in the making of this GIF

Credit: dailydawdle

Destruction is imminent

Credit: tumblr

Get off of my lawn, junior edition

Credit: Digg

Not awkward at all

Credit: guyism


Credit: tumblr

A dinosaur and caveman story

Credit: michaelmozart

Are you not entertained?!

Credit: qbn

Just give him a second to build up for it

Credit: senorgif

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