Breaking Babe: Arianny Celeste Arrested, Still Super Sexy

Credit: Momo/Juan Garces/Splash News; Las Vegas Police/ Splash

Arianny Celeste is a known babe quantity in MMA circles, as she’s one of the hottest Octagon Girls in UFC history. She’s also big in Internet horndoggery circles for her Playboy spread and general willingness to tweet racy photos of herself. You might be shocked to know that those two fanbases are 96% overlap.

But this bit of news could be her big crossover moment, for she’s makin’ REAL headlines now. Celeste was arrested in Las Vegas for domestic abuse early Saturday morning, so instead of attending UFC 146, she was in a jail cell. According to TMZ, Celeste was arguing with her boyfriend in a limo when she kicked him in the face  and then threw some vases at him back at their hotel room.

Celeste says the fight was over texts the guy allegedly sent to another woman. What the f*** is this dude thinking? First of all, with all that time she spends in the Octagon, didn’t he think some of the ass-kicking skills would rub off on her? And secondly, you’re dating ARIANNY CELESTE. The only thing you need a cellphone for is to receive sexts from THIS:

Credit: JCFL/Splash News

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Credit: Stephen Fernandez/Splash News

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