Is MMA Retirement Real For Jason ‘Mayhem’ Miller?

Zuffa LLC via Getty Images

Jason “Mayhem” Miller has been one of the most colorful MMA fighters in the history of the sport. Whether it be his extraordinary ring entrances, his obnoxious personality or his hosting gig on “Bully Beatdown,” Miller is easily one of the most entertaining and visible athletes in mixed martial arts. But after getting dominated by Michael Bisping last year, “Mayhem” made a promise that if he lost his UFC 146 fight against “entry level fighter” C.B. Dolloway, he’d retire from the sport.

Normally, these claims are taken with a grain of salt. But Mayhem’s loss to Dollaway, coupled with Dana White announcing that Miller is done with the UFC after his “backstage antics” (read: wearing a gas mask under a paper bag for his ring entrance…huh?) has said that this is the end of the MMA road for him.

“Don’t cry for me Argentina,” Mayhem said on But damn, you have to wonder if this “retirement” is for real and what will happen if he’s no longer fighting. Let’s keep it real, Miller’s antics have overshadowed his in cage accomplishments as of late. He’s 3-2 in his last five fights and has beaten Kazushi Sakuraba–who is ancient in MMA terms –and Tim Stout (Who? Exactly!). His fights have never really been all that thrilling either. Truthfully, if it wasn’t for Miller’s charisma, he wouldn’t have been selected as one of the coaches for “The Ultimate Fighter” and may not have had the shelf life in MMA that he has had.

Here’s the thing about Mayhem should he choose to remain retired: He’s one of the few people we expect to land on his feet in a post-MMA world. He doesn’t need to get punched in the face for a living. He’s written for Maxim and Fight! Magazine, hosted TV shows, has a radio show and done standup comedy. So why get your snotbox rocked and risk your health when all these other avenues are open? Perhaps a career as an MMA analyst? It’s not too farfetched, but for now he will traverse the world and put his passport to work.

“I’m just gonna walk the earth, meet people and get into adventures like Caine from “Kung Fu,” Miller says. We hope this is true and we hope somebody has a camera on him.

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