Arian Foster’s Tattoo Reads ‘Coexist’

Credit: @ArianFoster

Many of Arian Foster’s Twitter followers had a “Oh, I get it now” moment yesterday when the star Houston Texans running back explained what his forearm tattoo says. Foster, who is known to convey all kinds of wisdom and positive energy via his Twitter feed, has recently been using this photo as his avatar. Maybe the Star of David or peace symbol threw us off, but we didn’t even realize that was his arm at first.

The blog Kissing Suzy Kolber aptly described the tattoo as “A Hippie’s Bumper Sticker.” Such a peaceful message does seem odd for an NFL player to have inked on his body, even a football player as spiritual as Foster. On the flip side, it’s pretty f***ing cool to think about this tattoo being the last thing an opposing linebacker sees as Foster slam his forearm into his helmet and runs him over. “Is that a ying-yang?” Blackout.

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