Jason ‘Mayhem’ Miller May Retire If He Loses At UFC 146

Credit: Josh Hedges/UFC via Getty Images

UFC 146 Dos Santos vs. Mir is tomorrow night in Las Vegas and ahead of the action, MTV Clutch talked to our pal, the former host of MTV’s “Bully Beatdown,” Jason “Mayhem” Miller. He’s taking on UFC noob C.B.”The Doberman” Dollaway in one of the undercards, and in typical Mayhem fashion, he tries to strike the fear of God into Dollaway in this interview.

On paper it may not seem like a significant fight, but Miller knows this is a crucial bout for his career. Coming off a loss, he’s at a crossroads, telling us that if he can’t knock out this “entry level” fighter, it may be time to start thinking about retirement. Check out the interview below and see if you think he’s still got a few good rounds left in him. We sure hope he does (although if he doesn’t, that would give him more time to get “Bully Beatdown” back on the air).

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